Hicham Aboutaam is a global leader in the field of antiquities. He and his brother, Ali, co-founded Phoenix Ancient Art. Hicham is the owner of Electrum, the exclusive agent for Phoenix Ancient Art in New York. Raised in the world of antiquities by his father, Sleiman Aboutaam, Hicham learned the trade at a very early age. After completing a degree in art history from the University of Michigan, Hicham started in the family business full time.

Hicham Aboutaam’s business focuses on antiquities from ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt, and the Near East and includes sculptures, jewelry, pottery, amulets and more. Many of the antiquities handled by Aboutaam are housed in museums and private collections around the world. These include the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Princeton Museum of Art, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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