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Mr.Vibem (Aleksandra Pustovit) (born 24 August 2001) is a contemporary artist, founder of new approaches in art: feelings are transposed into a fantasy world where reality explodes into each detail in vibrant colors or a play of light and shade. The founder of personal craftsmanship is precise and reveals striking and bizarre images to open an ocean of thoughts. She quickly expanded to Miami, New York, Dubai, Qatar, Italy, Iran, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Monaco. First achieved international attention in 2020 with the presentation of the first solo portrait exhibition in MoRa Museum, New Jersey, USA, later 2021- solo exhibitions in Dubai, Miami, Qatar, Biennale in Italy.

Making her debut at the age of 18 as a student, becoming one of the first progenitors of a groundbreaking NFT platform. Currently, her mind is attracted by remarkable events, emotions, or nature and she paints what she feels. Her feelings are transposed into a fantasy world where reality explodes into each detail in vibrant colors or a play of light and shade.

Young artist - Mr. Vibem (Aleksandra Pustovit) - began her work from early childhood, actively began to paint at the age of 16. While in Miami (USA), she attended several lessons from a local artist. From that moment, the girl fell in love with the opportunity to express her thoughts and feelings through drawing - it doesn't matter: painting, digital, animation (NFT), or graffiti.

Deeply studying history, winning various contests on the subject of history throughout Russia, traveling the world from a young age - Aleksandra, dreaming and imagining life on a mystical and surreal approach are represented on each one of her creations. This artist's radiant talents were obvious from a young age, as earlier as 5 years old she was already conducting a TV show directed towards children but, also interviewing influential people in the world. Her experience includes actress, singer/musician, athlete, entrepreneur, and beauty pageant winner. Since a young girl, “Mr. Vibem” has viewed the modern world in her own mystical way. Her journeys around the world, exposure to multicultural traditions, religions, and languages (Mr. Vibem speaks English, French and Korean) have influenced her artistic approach immensely. Without traditional artistic guidance, the artist expresses her thoughts in a style that she calls…"Without borders".

Aleksandra does not label her abilities by style therefore, she refers to her work as without borders just like we as humans can feel different emotions in a second, her artistic views are always changing and mixing. Perhaps, that is why Mr. Vibem's paintings include a wide range of styles. The inability to trace one clear style of the artist is her signature.

Artist’s vision: “It seems to us that we know how the system in which we find ourselves works; we know how the world in which we live works. In fact, this is not the case. We can only imagine or fancy a certain picture, adjust it for ourselves. Like caterpillars to create a cocoon in which our life will pass. For those who manage to break this cocoon in the future, a completely new perspective opens up. They understand that they know only the smallest part of the truth. New facets will open for them, which will take consciousness to a completely new level. This is what I have been trying to do all my life - to break the cocoon to get into another reality. My paintings show this struggle, show which facets I have already seen, which I have not. Join and walk this path with me”.


Mr.Vibem (Aleksandra Pustovit) represents contemporary art in.


  • Solo Exhibition (portraits), Museum of Russian Art, New Jersey, USA
  • World Art Exhibition, Dubai, UAE
  • Exhibition (Arabic Art), Mercure Hotel Dubai, UAE
  • World Art Exhibition, Dubai, UAE
  • Solo Exhibition and VIP Presentation, Mercury Hotel, Dubai, UAE
  • Portrait’s exhibition –Grand Hyatt Hotel, UAE, Dubai, Victory Day 9th of May
  • Masterpieces presented at
  • Solo exhibition, award Ceremony “Person of the Year in art”. Barvikha Luxury Village, Moscow, Russia,
  • Solo exhibition - Museum of Russian Art, New Jersey, USA
  • Portraits are located in the private collection of Sheikh Al Qassimi, Sharjah (UAE),
  • Personal exhibition in private gallery Geneve (Switzerland)
  • BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN PUGLIA (ITALY), (Pinacoteca Miani-Perotti (Cassano) museum, Archeological Museum Altamura, Pomarichi Foundation/Santomasi (Gravina), Capitoline Museum (Gravina)
  • Qatar International Art Festival, Doha
  • Solo Exhibition, World International Beauty Contest, Miami, USA
  • International Exhibition “Iranian-Russian Artists” (L’art International group Iran)
  • Exhibition of women art “FORBIDDEN FRUIT”/ Pre-Basel Exhibition by Women Artists, Miami, USA.
  • Exhibition “New Vision” - Presentation of contemporary art and design, STATE HERMITAGE, St Petersburg, Russia.


  • Personal interview on Radio Channel “Our Emirates”, UAE, Dubai
  • Publications in special edition Qatar International Art Festival QIAF 2021
  • Publications in special edition BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN PUGLIA (ITALY) 2021-2022

Awards/ Prizes[]

  • 2021- (September)- 1st prize winner of the international competition of artists, designers, photographers and representatives of art and crafts in Spain “Dali Mustache”
  • Membership in European Creative Guild


  • Auction, New York, USA. Shapiro auctions.
  • Online auction (

Personal Life[]

Born in Sochi and educated in Moscow and Seoul, in early 2021 she moved to Seoul to focus on art history. Later settling in Moscow to continue her interests in fine and contemporary art, NFT, and to establish a gallery in Dubai and Miami. Currently living in different cities: Moscow, Seoul, Dubai, Miami since 2022.


  • Higher School of Economics / International Politics and Economics (Moscow, Russia)
  • Kyung Hee University / Politics and Economics in Asia (Seoul, South Korea)
  • British Higher School of Art and Design / Illustration/ Modern Illustration (NFT)/ Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)


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